29 July 2009

Everything must have a beginning.


I thought that, for my first post, I should go through and explain why I want to start a blog.  The major reasons are the following:

Become a better and more persuasive writer

I just finished “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” by Edmund Morris.  Teddy Roosevelt was an amazing man, and throughout the course of his life wrote over twenty books, in addition to tens of thousands of letters.  In order to do this, from an early age, he practiced the art of writing persuasively, eloquently, and quickly.  I believe that blogging will help me develop those same skills.

Have a place to develop my ideas and philosophy

The act of having to write something down will help me take otherwise jumbled ideas, and turn them into cohesive thoughts.  Additionally, I hope to refine my ideas and thinking through the feedback I receive from others.

Develop a community

I love meeting and interacting with new people.  Hopefully this blog will attract an interesting and diverse group of readers, who can all bring their unique perspectives on the world to the table.


Who knows what I’ll end up learning, but I’m sure it will be a lot.

Help people

There’s no better feeling than being able to help people.  If, through documenting my ideas and philosophies on life, I am able to help other people in their lives, it will make me very happy.

I hope this blog is rewarding for all who read it, and me who writes it.