24 October 2009

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.

Mortimer Adler

We’re at a new point in the human experience.  All knowledge is fully available for anyone to access on demand. People can get online and learn nearly anything. Think of any strange esoteric subject, and you’ll find an online community of other enthusiasts who can teach and guide you.  As far as traditional subjects go, while they may not give you a degree, you can get an ivy league level education for free through open courseware.

Take a moment and just appreciate how monumental this is. For most of the past three thousand years people were stuck, poor and uneducated, not because they didn’t want to learn, but because they had no access to the learning opportunities of the elite. Now, from anywhere in the world, any person can access the total accumulated knowledge of the history of the human race. It has never been easier for people to learn and improve their knowledge and skills.

This free and unlimited access to knowledge is a major theme that, as time goes on, will change the world in many exciting ways. Hopefully we’ll be able to explore some of those ways on this blog. In the meantime, spend some time appreciating the incredible era in which we live.