12 August 2011

A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.

George Bernard Shaw


I had a very relaxing day the other day. I sat in front of the television all day and spaced out. It was terrible. For some reason, my brain has convinced itself that I enjoy sitting in front of the television for many hours at a time. This is despite overwhelming evidence that after sitting and watching television for long periods of time I feel like a useless piece of crap. It can even affect me over the next few days.

Whenever I’m working, and in the zone, I feel happy and enthused and excited about what I’m doing. I’m engaged with life. I don’t understand why I sometimes think I need to take a day off from something that makes me extremely happy to do something that makes me feel like crap.

Lately, when I find myself unhappy, I ask myself a couple of questions:

Is my apartment spotless? Is my desk spotless? Do I have a fresh haircut? Do I have a nice outfit on? Is my bed made? Have I missed any workouts recently? Did I wake up on time? Did I watch more than an hour of tv? Did I waste more than an hour surfing the Internet? Have I been working hard? Have I spent quality time with friends and family recently?

Whenever I have a bad day, I find that many of these questions have the wrong answer. I wonder if one of the secrets to living a happy life is just to focus on making sure I always have the right answers to the above questions.