11 December 2012

Time heals all wounds


Two years ago, I worked for a man named Nassos Michas, who was as Greek as one could be. I remember being slightly surprised when he wished me a happy Hanukkah. This might not sound surprising to you, but it should, because Hanukkah is a holiday celebrating the bloody Jewish rebellion and victory over the Greeks. He was celebrating that; 2,200 years ago, when our ancestors were slaughtering each other, mine came out victorious.

At Paperless Post, my current job, the founders are also Greek. That doesn’t stop us from gladly sending out millions of Hanukkah cards each year.

For me, this holiday has become a testament to how, over time, even the most bitter hatreds fade away. It’s easy to look at the world, and feel discouraged that some problems might never be solved. Hanukkah is a reminder that a thousand years from know, people won’t even remember our problems ever existed. For me, this is the real holiday miracle.