Memoir Place is a site to help people write their memoirs.

Awesome Quote is a site for awesome famous quotes.

Eli Message is a site I built so people could send nice messages to my wife on our wedding day.

Scary Doodle Monster is where I post my doodles of scary monsters.

Data For Real is my site about data and analytics.

Helping Normals is my site about personal finance.


US Budget interactive visualization using d3.js.

Explore Campaign Finance interactive visualization of federal campaign finance data.


BI is a lightweight business intelligence application, suitable for companies between 10 and 300 people. For a quick intro to the project, see this talk.

OpenSecrets Data To Postgres is a project to clean and import into postgres all the campaign finance data released by opensecrets.

Excel to SQL helping people learn SQL.

Replica Connect is a ruby gem to make it easy to connect to a database from a plain old ruby file.

PgToCsv is a ruby gem to make it easy to create csv files form ruby query result hashes.