My name is Solomon Kahn, and I’m a writer, developer, doodler, and personal historian. Living in Sunnyside Queens, with my wife Kelly, and son Jacob.

At my day job, I run the data and analytics team at Paperless Post.

On the side, I build systems with open government data. I’m currently building a system to visualize who gives money to politicians as part of a fellowship at the Harvard University Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. I was previously a Network Fellow at the Harvard University Safra Center for Ethics.

I previously founded Memoir Place, a site to help people write their memoirs. Before getting into startups, I worked in the financial industry.

I’m interested in data, education, helping people write their memoirs, money in politics, and the financial industry.

If you want to get in contact, find me on twitter at @solomonkahn or at first_name dot last_name at gmail. For encrypted email, please use my PGP Key .